Welcome to the Durham University Politics and International Relations Society. The society is open to Politics and IR students as well as students studying other subjects at the university. Our aim is to further educate all members about the workings of public policy and foreign affairs, as well as to create a social outlet for those with an interest in politics and current affairs. 

Our academic events are the cornerstone of the society, whereby we invite respected academics and practitioners from practical fields to give presentations, engage in forums with other speakers, and participate in Q&A conference sessions with members.

Social events help the society foster a community of Durham students who are politically interested and who wish to discuss politics and current affairs. Social events range from society galas to themed bar crawls and meet-ups. These events typically take place after academic events and are a great venue to meet other members in an informal setting.

Our journal is another aspect of the society where members are encouraged to contribute to the discussions of the society. It is a collection of articles and essays, written by society members. The journal focuses on different themes and topics in each term, and we encourage members to get involved in the running of the journal.

The society is always looking for ways to engage its members and is open to suggestions from members on events and journal themes.



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