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Danny Dorling: A Better Politics – What do we Need Most?

A set of policy suggestions that have already been put in place elsewhere in Europe, they are not fully polished, but should appeal to what matters the most to people in the UK.

This talk will make the argument that if we start by considering what is most important to people in their lives, then we end up advocating a very different politics and set of priorties to that which is usual presented. Have a think what has actually happened to you in the last year, of everything that mattered most. Then ask whether you are reasonably happy, all things considered. Now consider what politicians could have done and could do in future to help you, to reduce your problems and the risks you face, and even to make your happier. Will living in the most economically unequal society in Europe help? Economic inequalities effect what happens to us and also how we deal with the outcomes of those events. What would a better, more caring, kinder, and less stupid politics look like?

More information on the ideas being presented is here: http://www.dannydorling.org/books/betterpolitics/

Come along to the talk on the 3rd March at 7.00pm in CG85 to hear these insightful views and have your questions answered!



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